Sub Team Details

Mongol-Tori is a four-wheeler rover developed for analyzing Martian soil and atmosphere. The rover has six degrees of freedom arm, capable of performing rescue missions, industrial work, autonomous maintenance, and many more. The current functionalities include a PCB board for the entire rover system, inverse kinematics implemented arm, and a GUI for the whole system.  However, the entire project would not have started without the help of our advisor, Dr. Md. Khalilur Rahman, and eleven curious undergraduate students. The team started its journey in 2015 with eleven members and a project to develop a rover by students in Bangladesh. With this dream in mind, we continue to move towards their designated path with yearly improvements. Since then, we have participated in University Rover Challenge (URC), International Rover Challenge (IRC), and many other competitions.
Mongol-Tori has been a project to implement new ideas on the rover body to improve its functionality and to make it a training ground for students. The students' dedication and hard work make this one of the best in the world, with constant guidance from our advisors and mentors.